Art Sluts 1984 - 1985

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The Art Sluts were Sheila Brynjulfson, Ann Wood, Teri Ciacchi, Pam Demonium and Lori Creason.  The band performed from 1984 to 1985 in Columbia, Missouri.  The songs here hints at the impact of their infamous live performances – shockingly hilarious or disturbingly offensive, depending on your point of view.  You either loved them or hated them but no one could deny the importance of the Art Sluts.  From the song David Letterman to We are Not Equal, it is clear that their message is still pertinent today.  How many women in music and art today were inspired by the original Art Sluts?  How'd it start...Lori Creason joked that Ann & Sheila were "Art Sluts" for having their t-shirts painted by guys at an art party.  What started as a joke became much more...

Please be aware that Art Sluts dot com is a false site owned by a woman who unethically trademarked our name to use as a vehicle for selling unlicensed Art Sluts merchandise.  
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