Art Sluts 1984 - 1985


Don't be fooled by imitators.
The Original Art Sluts defined themselves....


Art:  the rules, methods and general principles of a process of learning or an activity

Slut:  a dirty, untidy, careless woman

 Art Slut:  

  1. a woman who creates the rules, methods, general principles of sluttishness
  2. a woman whose general principles cause her to pass by the feminine deodorant spray at the supermarket
  3. a woman who makes her own definitions and makes them mean something

c1984 Pam Demonium



 1.  Buy a beret

2.   Write down everything you say or think, and some of what other     people     say and think on tiny pieces of paper.  On alternate occasions offer these “gems” to friends as poetry, free association, or pick one: novel, short story or play (in the works).

3.  Smoke incessantly and drink strong coffee.  Don’t eat right.  An artist must remain hungry to insure his desire for creation.

4.   Become obsessed with whomever or whatever you have sex with so that this also becomes an impetus for creation.

5.  Carry around all or some of the following: blank notebooks, poetry books, philosophy books, magic markers, paints, brushes, and pastels, paper bags for collage items, black jacket and shades.

6.  Keep an ear open for new slang.  Possibly invent your own terms (art sluts).  Use them incessantly.

7.   Never get enough sleep.  This will encourage a properly gaunt appearance.

8.   Never under any circumstances wash your hair, clothing or other decorative items.  Disarray is good for the image.

9.   Struggle with the concept of prostitution verses professionalism.  This will keep you from ever making any money

10.   Ask yourself important questions like, “What is an artist’s responsibility to his audience?  Do I have an audience? What is art? Why am I an artist?  And most importantly, what is the stuff in the middle of Hostess Twinkies really made of?”

c1984 Teri Ciacchi







C 1984 Art Sluts

I am not your Barbie doll + I am not a convenience store + I am not your mother

I am not your hole + I am not your secretary + I am not your analyst

I am not your maid + I am not your pet

I am not a girl + We are not equal + I am a woman + I am a woman

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